Team Building at La Torretta

At La Torretta, we offer more than just a getaway to our Texas Retreat. With a number of team building activities to choose from, our team building efforts are perfect for your group or company retreat.

Team Building

9 & Wine

  • Enjoy the perfect blend with a relaxing 9 holes of golf and some authentic Texas local wines. At every 3rd hole your group will enjoy a different wine from one of these three local wineries, Cork This! Winery, Retreat Hill Cellars and Bernhardt Winery.

Minute to Win It

  • Race against the clock while you compete in a variety of mini-games that challenge you to complete a task in less than a minute. Minute to Win It will test your brain power, dexterity and time management skills just like when you are on the job.

Water Olympics

  • Team building for champions, this exercise gives your team an opportunity to show their inner Olympiad through a series of water challenges in our aqua park. The competition is fierce for the best of games such as hula hoop pass, over-under relay, inner-tube relay races and a tug-o-war competition.

Beach Olympics

  • Challenge your group in a sea of sand with the Beach Olympics. Your team will learn how to work together while defeating their opponents in games like volleyball, sack races, egg runs, blind & find, three-legged race and much more. Conquer the beach as Olympians of your company in this challenge of champions.

Wacky Miniature Golf Tournament

  • Compete on our 18-hole miniature golf course, filled with obstacles and water hazards, all with a WACKY twist. This wacky tournament includes challenges like putting on one leg, pool style, blindfolded and dizzy, just to name a few.

Relay Races

  • Who is the quickest? Create a challenge for your group with relays like a crab walk, egg run, wheel-barrow race, dizzy run, sack race and over-under games.

Water Relays

  • You are sure to have a splashing good time in the team water relays. Step up the challenge by adding a water element in games like over-under, no hands run, fill the bottle, water balloon toss and tug of war.

Fire Pit S’mores

  • Recreate those campfire memories by socializing around a campfire with our Fire Pit S’mores group activity. A fire brings a friendly atmosphere and a great place for storytelling, songs and S’mores making everyone feel like a part of the team.

Culinary Team Building

Chili Cook-Off

  • Spice things up by adding a chili cook-off to your dinner plans and let your guests whip up their special Chili recipe. We give you the basic recipe and it’s up to your team to add the fixin’s. Conclude the evening with the Resort Chef giving the award to the best pot of chili.

Mystery Basket Challenge

  • It’s just like your favorite cooking show, where La Torretta Chefs create Mystery Baskets for each group of cooks and let the games begin! The mission? Design and build one regular entrée plate utilizing the items in the shared pantry and the mystery items in your basket. Points are then based on the following criteria: Final Taste – 60%, Presentation – 20%, Cleanliness & Organization – 10%, Utilization – 10%

BBQ Sauce Cook Off

  • Looking for that authentic Texas activity? Try a BBQ Sauce Cook-Off. This is an exciting way to add a splash of creativity to your BBQ buffet, turn it into a cook-off putting the best sauces against each other to answer that long-standing question of whose BBQ is the best?

20-Minute Salsa Challenge

  • Choose from a few basic recipes and a table of market ingredients to create the best salsa you can make! Each team has 20 minutes to prepare their masterpiece and place it on the judging table. We will start with a 10 minute familiarization of the competition and the ingredients followed by an intense competition where each team must make one bowl of salsa for the judges. Then comes the best part, the sampling of the salsa.

Dessert Wars

  • Stimulate your groups creativity, artistry and pallet while learning skills of bartering and having a lot of fun! Mission: Design and build 1 regular size show dessert and 20 miniatures for the dessert. Each station will have its own unique ingredients that are necessary for use at other stations. Bartering is encouraged as the teams build their best plated dessert by trading their way to victory. A center table with a shared pantry is provided for the teams to complete their task in a mere hour of time. The judging will then commence with a 15 minute presentation to the judges and shared tastings by their colleagues.

Cake Decorating Challenge

  • Again, creativity takes the cake. Each team will have one hour to ice and decorate a cake to the very best of their ability. Teams will be given layer cake, piping bags, tips, spatulas, mixing bowls, and plain butter cream icing. All other ingredients are provided on a shared station and the cake must be on the judges table before the time runs out!

Gourmet Cheese & Wine Class

  • This class is perfect for anyone who enjoys wine and cheese and all of the sophistication that comes with them! Learn about the wines of the world and taste gourmet cheeses. Wine varieties, how to choose your wine and how to pair food and wine are all discussed while our Chef serves up some samplings from around the world.

Fiesta Challenge

  • Create your own fiesta with a margarita and guacamole making activity! We provide the recipes and you provide the twist. A shared station is utilized to have teams make their own special margaritas and a spin on their own guacamole. Then afterwards spice up your meal with these one-of-a-kind creations.

The Cowboy Solution

Join The Cowboy Solution team and experience how a horse can have a significant impact on you as an individual or how it can strengthen an important partnership relationship.

Illumination (For Women Only)

  • Spend a little time with a horse and a personal coach to learn more about you. Examine patterns of behavior and communication that may no longer serve you. This session will provide you with a greater sense of self-confidence and renewed outlook.
  • This was the most memorable day I have had outside of the gift of my son. Thank you and the horses for teaching me so much about me and how to be strong and confident. - Constance M
  • 2 person minimum

Refresh & Renew (For Couples Only)

  • You and your partner will participate in The Cowboy Solution’s Refresh & Renew program. Using a horse as your coach you will discover and experience how to become better communicators and how to use that skill to build a stronger relationship based on earned trust and respect.
  • THANK YOU for an AMAZING experience! Even after the event, several weeks later, I am still reeling from the incredible time we had. The experience was truly transforming.
  • 2 couple minimum

Corralling Confidence (For ages 10-16)

  • Participants will work with horses and experienced coaches and trainers throughout the session to learn how to build self-confidence with an understanding of how to use that new-found confidence with friends and family. Emphasis will be placed on self-awareness and building good communication skills. Participants will also learn how to work as a team and apply the learnings of the day.
  • For ages 10-16
  • 5 person minimum
  • All of The Cowboy Solution sessions are subject to availability. Reservations are required and must be made 48 hours in advance. Lunch can be included for an additional cost.

FAQ Regarding Cowboy Solutions

Do I need to have experience with horses?

  • While horses are used extensively throughout all The Cowboy Solution seminars, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. For safety reasons no riding outside of the seminar is allowed. Safety for participants and horses is stressed at all times.

What do I need to wear?

  • Dress comfortably. Since each program requires participants to work in the arena with horses, boots and jeans are recommended, but not required. Hard shoes should be worn.