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Where and When can I meet Lay-Z Duck?

Click Here for our Activities Guide. All of Lay-Z Duck's weekly activities and events will be listed with each week's guide. 

La Torretta Lay-Z Duck

Full Name: Lay-Z Quackers Duck

Goes by: Lay-Z or Quackers

Height:6' to 6'5 (depends on the day)

Born: February 11, 2014

Favorite Color: La Torretta Blue

Team: Texans

Resides: Lay-Z River at La Torretta Lake Resort

  • La Torretta Lay-Z Duck

Lay-Z Quackers Duck is the official mascot of La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa. Originally from Houston, as a ducklin Lay-Z's parents would bring him to visit La Torretta during breaks. As soon as Lay-Z Duck was old enough to find a pond of his own, he checked-in the Resort and made La Torretta his home.