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Relaxation Lounge

Experience the serenity of our Relaxation Lounge, where you'll lean back in Shiatsu knead seats encompassed by our quiet, Zen-motivated nurseries. Pause for a minute and appreciate solid bites, home grown teas and juices. Visit the changing room and partake in a Signature Shower Experience previously or after any treatment.

Spa Appointments

To oblige your singular booking needs, spa arrangements are required. We suggest that you book your arrangements well ahead of time. A Visa is expected to hold your booking.

Daily Spa Pass

Visitors who don't plan a treatment, however wish to utilize our elite conveniences, may buy a spa pass for $25 each day or $60 for 3 days.


It is suggested that you check in something like thirty minutes preceding your arrangement time to consider pre-treatment unwinding in our intercession regions.

What If I am Late for an Appointment?

Sadly, showing up after the expected time will diminish the adequacy and, all the more critically, your pleasure and delight. Late appearance additionally restricts the time assigned for your spa treatment. As a politeness to every one of our visitors, all therapies will be finished as planned.

Service Charge

For your benefit, a 23% assistance charge is added to every spa treatment.


Dress in agreeable, free apparel so you can undoubtedly get out of your clothing. Extravagant robes and comfortable shoes are given to use during your visit to the spa.

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